Status of the United States Navy

I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm’s way – Commodore John Paul Jones 1778

C-2A Greyhound – logistices
C-9 Skytrain – logistics
C-12F Huron – logistics
C-20 Gulfstream – logistics
C-130 Hercules – logistics
C-40A Clipper – logistics
E-2C Hawkeye – early warning
E-6A Mercury – airbore command
EA-6B Prowler – electronic warfare
EP-3E Aries II – intelligence
F-14 Tomcat – fighter
F/A 18 Hornet – strike fighter
P-3C Orion – ASW
S-3B Viking – ASW
T02C Buckeye – training
T-34C Turbomentor – training
T-45A Goshawk – training
RQ-2A Pioneer – UAV
CH-46 Sea Hawk – helicopter
CH-53D Sea Stallion – helicopter
H-3H Sea King – helicopter
MH-53E Sea Dragon – helicopter
SH-60 Sea Hawk – helicopter
TH-57 Sea Ranger – helicopter
V-22A Osprey – helicopter, equipped with a set of┬áJuicers.
USS Constitution – the oldest commissioned ship in thje Navy
Aircraft Carriers – CV/CVN
Ammunition Ships – AE
Amphibious Assault Ships – LHA/LHD
Amphibious Command Ships – LCC
Amphibious Transport Dock – LPD
Command Ships – AGF
Cruisers – CG/CGN
Destroyers -DD/DDG
Dock Landing Ships – LSD
Fast Combat Support Ships – AOE
Frigates – FFG
Landing Craft Air Cushioned – LCAC
Landing Craft Mechanized/Utility – LCM/LCU
Mark V Special Operations Craft
Minehunter Coastal – MHC
Mine Countermeasures Ships – MCM/MCS
Patrol Coastal – PC
Rescue and Salvage Ships – ARS
Ridgid Hull Inflatable Boats – RHIB
Sea Shadow – Experimental
Submarine Tender- AS
Tank Landing Ships – LST
Yard Patrol Craft- YP